The team

For the development of the game “Pico’s adventure” a close collaboration has been established between the Full-Body Interaction Lab (CMTech Group- Pompeu Fabra University) and the “UETD: Unidad Especializada en Trastorno del Desarrollo” of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona (Specialized Unit on Developmental Disorders).

Full-Body Interaction Lab

Full-Body Interaction Lab is part of the research group CMTech and belong to the Comunication and Information Technologies Department (DTIC) of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). The research of the Full-Body Interaction Lab is headed by Dr. Narcís Parés  and focuses on Children Computer Interaction and especially on the use of the whole body to interact with technology. Its main research fields are related with the design of technologies for special needs, learning and exertion.

UETD: Unidad Especializada en Trastorno del Desarrollo

The Sant Joan de Déu hospital is a university hospital that is renowned as a centre at the forefront of health for children, both in clinic daily practice and in research. The Specialized Unit, UETD, headed by Dr. Amaia Hervás, is composed by psychiatrists, psychologists, pedagogues and neurologists. It has a solid clinic practice experience as they diagnose most of the ASD cases in Barcelona and surroundings and they provide initial support to families and children that have been diagnosed as ASD.



Project Design and Development:Cognitive Media Technologies Group (CMTech), Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Principal Investigator: Prof. Narcís Parés Burguès

Team: Laura Malinverni, Joan Mora Guiard

Medical Expert Assessment: Specialized Unit on Developmental Disorders (UETD), Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona

Head of Unit: Dr. Amaia Hervás

Team: Maria Angeles Mairena, Vanesa Padillo, Lilia Valero

Recruiting of children: Vanesa Padillo and Lilia Valero

Programming and Technical Coordination: Joan Mora Guiard

3D Modelling and Design: Javier Urios Albeza

Sounds and Effects: ( Cello bowed5 pt.2.wav by juskiddink, Ambient Chords 3 by Gregsteve, UFO.wav by DJ Chronos, miningLaser.wav by senitiel, day of strzalkowo_parade270610.mp3 by miastodzwiekow, Blacksmith Workshop.WAV by thefilmbakery, high park crickets.3.wav by john9, AMBIENCE NIGHT FIELD CRICKET 01.wav by sengjinn, explosion3.wav by sarge4267, Jingle bells.wav by juskiddink, Happy Birthday Music Box.MP3 by Percy Duke, forest ufo synthesizer – Wald 2.wav by UdoPohlmann, Forest.WAV by ArcLegend05, Frogs by lepolainyann, Babbling brook, musical drip, forest birds.wav by thorvandahl, Forest Song by FoolBoyMedia)

Pico’s Voice: Laura Malinverni

Sound editing: Jose Lozano